We safeguard the environment
and make the most of resources
to ensure a rich planet and future.

We propose comprehensive solutions that encompass the collection, transport, and treatment of waste products from throughout Japan in ways that comply with the full range of applicable laws and regulations.

Green Business

Green Business

Green Business

Since our founding, we’ve developed a variety of businesses that originate in the concept of effective use of resources and leveraged an extensive portfolio of technologies and expertise to contribute to the protection of the Earth’s environment through the appropriate treatment and recycling of waste products from a diverse range of industries.

Comprehensive management of environmental and resource life cycles

Industrial waste treatment

We leverage technologies and expertise accumulated over many years to propose optimal methods for treatment of increasingly diverse and complex waste streams.

Resource recycling

We take advantage of an extensive range of technologies and expertise to contribute to customers’ environmental protection and business activities as a partner that can propose a variety of solutions, including those based on the principle of “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”

Solution proposals

Matsuda Sangyo proposes comprehensive solutions that extend from disposal to recycling for a diverse range of waste products from industry.

Characteristics of Our Green Business

Ability to accommodate a diverse array of waste types

Ability to accommodate a diverse array of waste types

We can recover and treat a variety of waste products. From waste oil, waste liquids, and waste plastic to specially controlled industrial waste that contains hazardous materials, we can also recover and treat difficult-to-handle waste.
For example, our chemical waste capabilities include detoxifying waste acids and waste alkalis and recovering precious metals from valuable reagents that contain substances like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. We can also appropriately transport difficult-to-treat materials like waste containing mercury, asbestos, and PCBs and dispose of them safely in partnership with waste disposal companies. We also offer a range of services related to waste management, including processing of electronic manifests, creation of waste product lists, simple analysis of unidentified chemicals, and regular recovery. We take pride in reducing our customers’ waste management workloads.

Comprehensive coordination of disposal and recycling

  • Appropriate treatment of the full array of waste products, including waste oil, waste liquids, and waste plastic
  • Handling of difficult-to-treat materials like waste containing mercury, asbestos, and PCBs
  • Support for related operations, including processing of electronic manifests and creation of waste product lists

Our core strength consists of recovering precious metals from electronic component scrap and waste liquids that contain metals, and our service is most distinguished by our ability to propose ways to reduce environmental impacts and lower costs by recycling precious metals. Our precious metal business is one of our two flagship businesses. We've also developed structures for appropriately treating other waste products.
As pressure on companies to fulfill their social responsibility and contribute to a sustainable society grows, complying with laws and reducing environmental impacts are essential missions for companies. We can take advantage of extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of waste treatment and recycling to propose ways to streamline waste treatment, improve recycling rates, and extract value from waste.

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