Basic Philosophy

Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd. has established as our corporate philosophy “making effective use of the limited Earth resources and contributing to society through business.” To that end, we strive to develop and nurture the products and services that customers require by enhancing our customer relationships across all our business activities, included the recovery of precious metals from industrial resources, manufacturing and sale of precious metal products, proper treatment of industrial waste, and precision cleaning of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

With the desire to realize our vision, “For human happiness and a beautiful Earth,” we recognize that conserving the environment of the Earth, our homeland, is one of the most important issues confronting all humankind. Based on this recognition, we shall engage in activities with consideration for its maintenance throughout all aspects of our business activities.

Basic Policy

Based on the Basic Philosophy, Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd. has established the following items as our Quality and Environmental Policy. We shall make it our framework for setting quality and environmental objectives and strive to achieve them with the participation of all employees.


1.Customer Satisfaction First and Securing the Trust of Society


We shall grasp customer requirements quickly and accurately and to provide satisfactory quality across all the aspects of delivery timeline, price, and service, as well as to provide accurate information about our products and services. All employees shall recognize this and act accordingly.


2.Compliance Focus


We shall clarify the laws and the regulations that are applicable to our business activities, products, and services as well as their environmental aspects, alongside other requirements that are required by our customers and other stakeholders. All employees shall recognize these and ensure thorough compliance.


3.Striking a Balance between Reducing Environmental Burden and Business Growth


We shall strive to reduce environmental burden, including the prevention of pollution, by accurately grasping the environmental risks related to our business activities, products, and services, establishing control criteria, and implementing them with the participation of all employees.
 Furthermore, we shall address important environmental issues surrounding our company, such as global warming countermeasures, establishing a circular society, and conserving biodiversity, and we shall strive to enhance our corporate value toward the realization of a sustainable society.


4.Proper Management of Hazardous Chemical Substances


We shall properly manage the procurement, use, and contamination prevention of chemical substances regulated by laws and regulations, and by our customers and other stakeholders.
 In using chemical substances that have an impact on the human body and the environment, we shall accurately grasp the risks, define management standards on their handling, storage, movement, and disposal, and manage them properly.


5.Accomplishment of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle


We shall strive to enhance our quality and environmental performance by establishing and operating an integrated quality and environment management system, and to improve this integrated management system continually by checking the outcomes through periodic management reviews.


This Quality and Environmental Policy shall be reviewed in consideration with its outcomes, changes to the situation surrounding our company, and changes to the needs of our customers and other stakeholders.

April 11, 2023
Executive Vice President
Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd.

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